Fioravanti F100r Concept

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  • Franciacorta Supercars
  • Piancogno, Italy
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  • INTRO: Holy crap. The rarest spot of my life. That's it. I don't know if who has parked it on that trailer knows the real value of this prototype; I found it near an industrial area and it seemed abandoned... HISTORY: To mark the 100th anniversary of Enzo Ferrari's birthday, Fiovaranti launched the aptly named F100 concept car at the 1998 Geneva Motor Show. In 2000 at the Turin show, a second Fioravanti concept car around the same theme was revealed. Dubbed the F100r, it was a roadster version of the original launched back in 1998. It featured a unique 'multispherical' windscreen and it has two cameras on the rear (photo 5) The engine fitted to the F100 was a mock-up but Fioravanti explained that the design accommodated for a high-performance engine like the 3-litre V10 fitted to the contemporary Ferrari Formula 1 cars. Like those F1 machines, the F100 would also be equipped with a semi-automatic gearbox. LINK:

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  1. user avatar
    Stefan Sobot

    Crazy spot!

    u 19:09
  2. user avatar
    JACK888 Turin Spotter

    Stunning find!

    u 19:09
  3. user avatar

    WOW! I've seen only in the magazins, cool find!

    u 19:09
  4. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    Thank you guys! @Jack888 Turin Spotter
    @Stefan Stobot

    u 19:10
  5. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    @mihorider I had seen it at the Ferrari Museum years ago, about 2014, it's incredible

    u 19:14
  6. user avatar

    Incredible find! Sick spot!

    u 19:26
  7. user avatar

    Great spot! Truly amazing! To be honest, this should be the spot of the day.

    u 19:37
  8. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    @Yurivdb thank you man!

    u 19:40
  9. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    @Carspottermurcia I hope that someone will upload some spots tomorrow

    u 19:41
  10. user avatar

    Insane insane insane! Congratz in a spot this special!

    u 19:55
  11. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    Ahaha Thank you! Yeah it's insane!

    u 20:05
  12. user avatar

    Looks like a car garage with all the trailers.

    u 20:54
  13. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    @jeroen nope it's something similar idk

    u 20:57
  14. user avatar

    I don't like this car but I love the colour. Great find @Franciacorta Supercars

    u 21:14
  15. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    It's a very unique color

    u 21:23
  16. user avatar

    Wow, just wow! This is definitely one of the best spots of the year, so far. Such spots happen once in a lifetime. Great job!

    u 22:54
  17. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    @Herman05 Thank you very much!

    u 08:42
  18. user avatar

    Wow! Incredible find! You are lucky af! :D

    u 15:04
  19. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    @PETYA Thank you Peter!

    u 15:16
  20. user avatar

    Unbelievable find! I didn't even know about this car yet, the fact that this is supposed to be a Ferrari is mindblowing. The seats looks simple, steering wheel like a Xbox controller and a overall futuristic design all look very unique. If the owner doesn't know the real value. Seeing a roadster like this in the rain is quite sad to see. Ask him to sell it, you might make a million out of it.

    u 19:52 Poslednja izmena u 19:52
  21. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    @SpecialAutomobiles yeah the steering wheel looks like a controller :)
    I don't know the owner but I hope that that trailer was a temporary location.

    u 20:43
  22. user avatar

    Awesome! I have seen it at a Geneva motorshow once

    u 22:50
  23. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    @Style really? Fantastic!

    u 07:17
  24. user avatar

    Is it even a real car? I'm not sure if there is an engine or that it will be able to drive.

    u 15:02
  25. user avatar
    Franciacorta Supercars

    @OJ yes it is real.

    u 17:15