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Spoter vickar12 SWEDEN
Primećen u Göteborg, Sweden
Datum 2019-08-31 19:52

There are only 7 SVJ models in Sweden. 2 of them are owned by the Lamborghini dealer, so 5 are on public roads at this moment. This car is owned by a CEO in Gothenburg. Extremely rare find in Sweden.

Tehničke karakteristike

Maksimalna brzina 350 km/u
Ubrzanje 0-100 km/u 2.80 s
Snaga 770 pk
Obrtni momenat 720 Nm @ 4000 tpm
Težina 1525 kg

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    FINLAND kc  -  u 20:28

    What do you mean "only 7"?! That's a lot!

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    SWEDEN vickar12  -  u 20:34

    @kc: 7 is not a lot to me. For example there are in Sweden:
    5 Mclaren Senna
    49 McLaren 720S
    5 LaFerrari
    18 Aventador S
    18 Ferrari 812 Superfast

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    BELGIUM Ferrariowner  -  u 21:15

    Isnt the tax on these cars really high in Sweden?

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    FINLAND kc  -  u 21:26

    @Ferrariowner no, not really. It’s here in Finland where is really high taxes.

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    SWEDEN vickar12  -  u 21:44

    @Ferrariowner, yeah the first 3 years of a new car is pretty insane here. This Lamborghini’s tax the first 3 years is about 3480 euro per year. After 3 years it goes down to 680 euro per year.

    However the owner is leasing it under his company. So I think it won’t affect him much. In Sweden it’s very usual that people who have companies lease their cars through their company.

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    FINLAND kc  -  u 03:50

    lol here in Finland is one Aventador S Roadster for sale. The tax-free price is 385k€ and after taxes the price is 949k€ @vickar12 @Ferrariowner

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    SWEDEN vickar12  -  u 11:53

    @kc but I was talking about the yearly tax not the sale tax. Here it’s 25% in Sweden. But yeah Finland sounds much higher.

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    GERMANY attackR  -  u 10:32

    Nice spot!

    How do you know the exact numbers of the cars in Sweden?

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    SWEDEN vickar12  -  u 11:11

    @attack: There is a website in Sweden that shows all info. In Sweden you can also see all details about who owns the car and where the person lives etc by only knowing the license plate. I don’t think that is a good thing. Here is the website.
    Search any brand and model and you can see:

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    FRANCE MrSuperCar  -  u 21:29

    @vickar12 this site doesnt work for that car or i don't type the plate correctly

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  u 10:40

    @vickar12 I am still hoping on catching one of these before 2019 ends. Awesome capture, Victor.

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    FRANCE MrSuperCar  -  u 23:05

    @Horse-Power i hope to catch one too :-)

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    SWEDEN vickar12  -  u 18:25

    @MrSuperCar: Here you go: Regarding the plate, this one has personalised plates. It only works for the stock plates in that website. You can get info about the stock plates too but that only works for Swedish residents. Here is the car:

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