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Spoter Gram's Supercars gramssupercars
Primećen u Monaco, Monaco
Datum 2014-08-07 21:09

Crazy Mansory Carbonado LP 1600-4 called Black Star! The car is owned by the rapper Timati!

Tehničke karakteristike

Maksimalna brzina 370 km/u
Ubrzanje 0-100 km/u 2.10 s
Snaga 1600 pk
Obrtni momenat 1200 Nm @ 6000 tpm
Težina 1555 kg

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  1. Profile pic
    daweRS  -  u 21:16

    Ugly car, but awesome spot and find!!

  2. Profile pic
    az  -  u 21:16

    epic car!

  3. Profile pic
    Stefan Sobot  -  u 21:20

    That thing is super sick!

  4. Profile pic
    UrosP  -  u 21:22

    Wow amazing!

  5. Profile pic
    bobdriesseh  -  u 21:28

    I saw this on the road to Monaco today, awesome car!

  6. Profile pic
    BernardR  -  u 22:22

    Beautiful, but it should have been totally black!

  7. Profile pic
    Gixxer79  -  u 22:39

    Oh ha! Oh hauahaua ha!!

  8. Profile pic
    Big_Marx  -  u 22:48

    Oh god another ugly stuff from Mansory, cool find doe :)

  9. Profile pic
    charly  -  u 22:48

    Wow, cool car!
    i like the car, sweet in matt black!

  10. Profile pic
    mansoryfab  -  u 23:43

    Timati 13 car

  11. Profile pic
    gotti_belgrade  -  u 00:40

    This is real monster.

  12. Profile pic
    yannick-m.  -  u 12:00

    Great spot!

  13. Profile pic
    RockNDRollE  -  u 20:38

    people this is not a color it's a carbon fiber car

  14. Profile pic
    alexp00ner  -  u 05:27

    sick car, 1600 hp that's crazy !

  15. Profile pic
    Ritthem-Gespot  -  u 15:35


  16. Profile pic
    GuillemZagato Spotter  -  u 14:37

    Mother of god

  17. Profile pic
    jsupercars  -  u 21:34

    for all who didn't know... "Black Star" is only Timatis nickname. In the song "Welcome To St. Tropez" you can hear the announcement "Mr. Black Star"

  18. Profile pic
    Jarno Verkaaik  -  u 17:52

    This is not the Mansory Lamborghini Aventaor LP1600-4. This is LP1250-4 Cabonado, the Mansory Lamborghini Aventador LP1600-4 Carbonado GT is owned by someone in Switzerland. Not a Russian.
    For more info check out www.mansory.com

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