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Spoter jersay69
Primećen u Paris, France
Datum 2014-07-02 19:33

OMG this is for sure the most insane spot I have done! What a beast! And this car is so rare. Parked in the street in a city like Paris is crazy! Moreover it has a French licenec plate number! Probably the only french one.

Tehničke karakteristike

Maksimalna brzina 318 km/u
Ubrzanje 0-100 km/u 3.40 s
Snaga 612 pk
Obrtni momenat 775 Nm @ 5250 tpm
Težina 1545 kg

Komentari za ovaj spot

  1. Profile pic
    maxpredator911  -  u 19:39

    Oh my God what insane car !

  2. Profile pic
    jsupercars  -  u 19:40

    this is awesome!

  3. Profile pic
    poolhaas  -  u 19:41

    That's insanely cool.

  4. Profile pic
    Stradale  -  u 19:42

    That is just SICK! Fantastic spot!!

  5. Profile pic
    BenReuterPhotography  -  u 19:43

    Amazing, only 4 on Autogespot :O

  6. Profile pic
    Gremlin  -  u 19:45

    Such a nice car ._.

  7. Profile pic
    carspotter2000  -  u 19:46

    Those legs on picture 9 LOL
    Awasom spot and of course this word SVDD!

  8. Profile pic
    Damors  -  u 19:55

    Amazing.... This is simply amazing!

  9. Profile pic
    jersay69  -  u 20:03

    @ BenReuterPhotography

    This is actually only the third one on AG as the one spotted in the NL is the same one!

    @ carspotter2000

    Yes it was funny. The guys hopping in the car were not the owners of it. They were driving the car to the owner's appartement in Paris.

    Those legs were sticking out of the car because one of the guys did not know how to start the car. They couldn't start the engine and therefore he was trying to see under the steering wheel if there was some kind of security system. Haha

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    Stefan Sobot  -  u 20:09

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!

  11. Profile pic
    Arthur Larsen  -  u 20:12

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmffffffffffffffffffgggggggggg! Just crazy, Maybe soty! Awesome spot!

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    Melvin&Christ  -  u 20:18

    AMAZING spot !!! :0

  13. Profile pic
    adri99supercars  -  u 20:29

    Awesome, very awesome spot!!

  14. Profile pic
    NVDS  -  u 20:31


  15. Profile pic  -  u 20:47

    woah a paris !

  16. Profile pic
    MONACOO7  -  u 20:52

    amazing what a beast!

  17. Profile pic
    marcosld  -  u 20:57

    Amazing spot!

  18. Profile pic
    Taupi  -  u 21:18

    EPIC !

  19. Profile pic
    Mikelon  -  u 21:21


  20. Profile pic
    Mikelon  -  u 21:21

  21. Profile pic
    LuxurySpottings  -  u 21:40

    Amazing, one of the best spots in the recent years, very nice :)!!!

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    SDomínguez Photography  -  u 21:46

    Wow this is crazy! Epic spot!

  23. Profile pic
    Style  -  u 22:01


  24. Profile pic
    hardstyler  -  u 22:04

    Spot of the year!!

  25. Profile pic
    yannick-m.  -  u 22:12

    Wow great spot!

  26. Profile pic
    gotti_belgrade  -  u 23:54

    Unbelievable! Good canditate for spot of the year!

  27. Profile pic
    BeRtT  -  u 23:57

    Spot of year!!!!!

  28. Profile pic
    jersay69  -  u 23:57

    Thanks all

  29. Profile pic
    OPspotters  -  u 05:35

    Amazing!!! Great spot and yes, pic 9 very funny!

  30. Profile pic
    DarkSpeed  -  u 11:08

    wow !!

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    Versailles Supercars  -  u 14:24

    le proprio habite à Versailles elle était chez un mécanicien depuis un mois et un de mes ami l'a vu rouler une bête ! Jolie spot ;)

  32. Profile pic
    jersay69  -  u 16:35

    @ Versailles Supercars

    Merci pour l'info ;-)

  33. Profile pic
    lyon1845  -  u 17:32

    Awesome spot and car, well done...

  34. Profile pic
    Replicant  -  u 19:52

    SPOT OF THE YEAR! Gotta love this...

  35. Profile pic
    Kero  -  u 20:57

    @versailles non ce n'est pas elle

  36. Profile pic
    jersay69  -  u 21:08


    Y en aurai 2 en France alors!!??

  37. Profile pic
    Jeroen-m  -  u 23:02

    Is this the one that stood in the Mercedes Benz Store?

  38. Profile pic
    JeffRBB  -  u 08:46

    Sick and awesome find!!! Great spot!

  39. Profile pic
    KOKUSMAKREEL  -  u 18:18


  40. Profile pic
    GermanCarsFTW  -  u 21:44

    What a machine!!!

  41. Profile pic
    D&A Crew  -  u 23:39

    DreamSpot !!

  42. Profile pic
    Ritthem-Gespot  -  u 10:43


  43. Profile pic
    jastrzab  -  u 23:30

    Good candidate for the Spot of the Year thanks to the car and... picture 9!

  44. Profile pic
    gotti_belgrade  -  u 00:24

    Spot of the year. You got my vote in the final!

  45. Profile pic
    jastrzab  -  u 21:58

    You got mine too. Imo this is the only one spot appearing in the final which actually deserves it (maybe Zonda Uno and that McLaren F1 are exeptions...). The only one containing 10 good quality photographs of a car from higher (exotic) level than P1/918/F70 which is a spot in full meaning of this word (not from Nurburgring or Monaco). And pic 9 summarizes all the work :D Extremally poor final squad this year... What the hell is the M4 doing there?! Where is 250 GTO or 156 F1 or 3 Koenigseggs on the fuel station? M4 bet them? Is it a stupid joke or server error? Where is the SSC Aero? Blue LaF & Enzo from US? E100 Platinuss Special? Zonda 760 LM? Anything which is really an "awesome find", not a photo session or a Nurburgring "spot" and has at the same time 10 good quality and interesting pics? I'm terribly disappointed :/ But you guy are the only one that fully keeps the standard. My standard. Congrats and hope you'll make it!!!

  46. Profile pic
    gotti_belgrade  -  u 22:40

    Only silver LaFerrari from Belgium is maybe better spot for me in 2014, but purple Koenigsegg won in that month. SOTY

  47. Profile pic
    Horse-Power  -  u 03:51

    Jersay69 simply amazing!

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