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Spoter Rivitography rivitography
Primećen u Greenwich (CT), United States of America
Datum 2019-02-17 06:15

Well here it is guys, sparky1888's newest whip: the Pagani Huayra Roadster dubbed "Big Bird". I found it parked on Greenwich Avenue on 2/16/2019, literally one day after it was officially delivered to him. This was the day he came to pick it up and drive it off the Miller Motorcars showroom floor. He also brought out his Pagani Huayra BC dubbed "Kingtasma" which I will be posting in the future. This is the fourth hypercar of Sparky's fleet that I have spotted in Greenwich. I have so far spotted his Koenigsegg Agera RS, Huayra BC, standard Huayra and now this. Enjoy the photos and the video I attached down below! License plate: AN·86416 (CT)

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    1. Profile pic
      hardstyler  -  u 07:55

      Incredible find! It's a shame half of the photos don't work. I suppose AG had problems with uploading again.

    2. Profile pic
      Sm@rt  -  u 10:05

      @hardstyler: Doesn't seem to be AG this time. All pictures load just fine on my computer.

    3. Profile pic
      ShaytonSky  -  u 13:37

      Truly incredible find! Insane car and cool photos! @hardstyler It loads all 10 photos perfectly for me as well so this time the may be on your end.

    4. Profile pic
      Enzo112  -  u 15:07

      Just insane car with an awesome spec !! Really good pics as always ! Perfect !

    5. Profile pic
      thomcarspotter  -  u 16:24

      Fantastic spot and great spec! Very cool color!

    6. Profile pic
      D&A Crew  -  u 00:13

      Very nice !

    7. Profile pic
      OPspotters  -  u 02:22

      Absolutely amazing! What a find and I love the color on the Pagani, so much better looking than the carbon skin on some of these cars. Spot of the Day, Month, ..... :)

    8. Profile pic
      Rivitography  -  u 04:12

      @Sm@rt @ShaytonSky @Enzo112 @thomcarspotter [@D&A Crew] thanks guys!
      @OPspotters I think carbon fiber is cool but only when it's a colorful kind. Miller Motorcars also delivered the Huayra Roadster 'Joker' on the same day as Sparky's car that is purple carbon fiber with gold wheels and it looks amazing.
      @hardstyler AG was bugging out last night with uploading and some of the picture links were broken, so it's not just you. It always seems to have problems late at night here or early in the morning where you live.

    9. Profile pic
      Star080  -  u 04:31

      Great spot, congrats on the find!

    10. Profile pic
      europeancarshotsinsta  -  u 10:08

      Very nice!!!

    11. Profile pic
      JCS_carphotography  -  u 11:11

      Love it!

    12. Profile pic
      Genius  -  u 12:41

      He also bought a purple Huayra Roadster dubbed The Joker, got delivered on the same day.

    13. Profile pic
      Angel.f PhotoGraphy  -  u 13:03

      Stunning Pictures m8!

    14. Profile pic
      PetrolPower  -  u 19:08

      Amazing find! The Huayra Roadster looks incredibly good in yellow!

    15. Profile pic
      NCspotter  -  u 19:10

      Awesome spot, first pic is insane!

    16. Profile pic
      Rivitography  -  u 03:29

      @Star080 @europeancarshotsinsta @JCS_carphotography [@Angel.f PhotoGraphy] @PetrolPower @NCspotter thanks guys for all the wonderful comments!
      @Genius The Joker is owned by someone else who just happened to have his car delivered on the same day as Sparky :)

    17. Profile pic
      PcArzenal  -  u 14:33


    18. Profile pic
      Herman05  -  u 18:18

      Insane find!

    19. Profile pic
      kingofcars  -  u 22:09

      I have seen this same car in a car show in Lamborghini Broward! It is so cool.

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