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Spoter lyon1845 Lyon1845
Primećen u Nürburg, Germany
Datum 2014-09-12 07:45

The Koenigsegg One:1, a car i shure as hell didn't expect to come upon at the Nürburgring. but i managed to get some shots of this great car.

Tehničke karakteristike

Maksimalna brzina 440 km/u
Ubrzanje 0-100 km/u 2.80 s
Snaga 1361 pk
Obrtni momenat 1371 Nm @ 6000 tpm
Težina 1361 kg

Komentari za ovaj spot

  1. Profile pic
    NVDS  -  u 07:57

    AWESOME Spot!!! And great pics!!

  2. Profile pic
    tk97  -  u 08:00

    Insane spot!

  3. Profile pic
    sneo  -  u 09:38

    Wow the pic quality is over 9000!

  4. Profile pic
    KingSpeed74  -  u 15:32

    Best of all spots of this car!

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    Arthur Larsen  -  u 17:24

    Wow! erg dikke brutale platen lyon!!

  6. Profile pic
    Timvs  -  u 19:16

    netjes man!

  7. Profile pic
    raydib  -  u 19:32

    mooie foto's foto 5 heeft wel iets.

  8. Profile pic
    A&WSpotting  -  u 20:30

    cool owner :)

  9. Profile pic
    Dave-Jan-Autogespot  -  u 21:11

    Zieke spot!
    Hele mooi foto's ook!

  10. Profile pic
    UrosP  -  u 22:32


  11. Profile pic
    daweRS  -  u 05:00

    Just EPIC!!!

  12. Profile pic
    fabianbaege  -  u 11:13

    Awesome Spot and nice Combo with the AMG GT!

  13. Profile pic
    laskos02  -  u 17:38

    @fabianbaege i think thats 991

  14. Profile pic
    lyon1845  -  u 10:38

    Iedereen heel erg bedankt, thank you all very much.
    @fabianbaege and laskos02, it is indeed a camouflaged Porsche 991.

  15. Profile pic
    OPspotters  -  u 03:51

    Breathless, speechless....

  16. Profile pic
    jansolanellas  -  u 15:23

    Awesome spot mate! And very good pictures

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    effeNovanta - YOUTUBE CHANNEL  -  u 23:27

    Spot of the year !!!

  18. Profile pic
    NVDS  -  u 18:51

    My spot of the year!!

  19. Profile pic
    OPspotters  -  u 23:18

    Congrats!!! Spot of the YEAR!!!!!

  20. Profile pic
    Xenoflex  -  u 22:40

    I voted spot of the year! congratz!

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    Barry  -  u 22:43

    Top foto alen

  22. Profile pic
    Bernd7001  -  u 23:33

    top, top Fotos Alen

  23. Profile pic
    Bernd7001  -  u 23:34

    top, top Fotos, Alen

  24. Profile pic
    Bernd7001  -  u 23:35

    top, top Fotos Alen

  25. Profile pic
    Nicolaas  -  u 19:26

    ZIeke wagen top platen! Nice!!

  26. Profile pic
    Bossie  -  u 23:47

    Spot of the year for me ! Congratz ! Great car. Great pics !

  27. Profile pic
    Kerim Erdogan  -  u 13:36

    Perfectt hopelijk win je man

  28. Profile pic
    Kerim Erdogan  -  u 13:36

    Perfectt hopelijk win je man

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    DylanVD  -  u 16:25

    Gefeliciteerd met je SVHJ Lyon! geweldige spot van een geweldige wagen!!

  30. Profile pic
    KOKUSMAKREEL  -  u 16:27


  31. Profile pic
    NVDS  -  u 16:49

    Congratz!!! Koenigsegg on top!!

  32. Profile pic
    LDJ  -  u 18:48

    Gefeliciteerd met je SVHJ!

  33. Profile pic
    Arthur Larsen  -  u 21:26

    Feli met SVHj!

  34. Profile pic
    Daantje  -  u 14:41

    cool dat mag wel spot van het jaar worden!!!!!

  35. Profile pic
    Gib295  -  u 10:11

    JUST AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Profile pic
    Spyros PETS  -  u 20:55

    Breathtaking pics. You definitely deserve the award for the Spot Of The Year 2014.

  37. Profile pic
    OfficialDutchSupercars  -  u 22:08

    @laskos02 that's exactly what Mercedes-AMG WANTS you to think...

  38. Profile pic
    Dmitriy08102002  -  u 11:17

    Max speed isn't 440 km/ch

  39. Profile pic
    Horse-Power  -  u 08:06

    @Lyon1845, Its always a great thing to get a special shot of any exotic . When you can snap off these type of pics on a really special car like this one, it really makes car photography that much more fun. Just Stunning!

  40. Profile pic
    M.C Photography  -  u 11:08

    wow epic

  41. Profile pic
    jvlesrarri  -  u 16:23

    Haha that's Koenigsegg's test driver!

  42. Profile pic
    Horse-Power  -  u 14:25

    @lyon1845. Hi Alen I hope your Saturday is going well for you without any complications? The sun is starting to come out, and it will be a very hot one temp wise. Thanks once again for your email my friend I still am a little discouraged on wasting a perfectly great spontaneous spot(s).
    But like in life things are not often cut and dry!

    I just hate the fact that you almost need to read every car forum on the internet before heading out to spot. Also when finding more than one car next to each other that you must ask someone if these vehicles are only there for a meet! Just crazy wright? I guess my biggest thing here is that my spot had no spectators there just people inside a restaurant eating. Except for a owner and another guy who were looking at the Gulf car when I drove up. Not long after that they both went inside. No indication of any type of gathering! Anyways my friend I am almost back to normal if that's possible lol. Talk with you soon.

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